Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Seeking sympathy and suggestions

We visited an indoor garden/museum at the weekend. Shortly after coming out of the garden part I felt a bit of an itching in my pants - rather like something was crawling up my leg.

Well, to cut a long story short I've been itching, scritching and scratching ever since. I have a collection of bites varying from pea to ping pong ball size in diameter - all bright red, angry and itchy. Did I say itchy? Very very itchy!

Here's a rather hazy picture of a couple of them. I was going to take a more clear snap but decided against it as it would reveal how long it has been since I've taken any deforestation measures.

I'm forever being bitten and always react badly. My GP has said I have an allergy to insects - which makes them more likely to bite me and me to react more extremely. I don't want to use insect repellent all the time because it's full of chemicals and stinks. At the same time I wasn't that enthused by Nana's suggestion of wearing bicycle clips on the bottom of my trousers at all times. Suggestions anyone? An essential oil or something?

We cleared the ball pool at soft play really quickly this morning. I think I had been clocked by some other mothers trying to scratch my legs discreetly but when Miles shouted, 'mummy get your spots out' that was it - we had the pool to ourselves!


*H* said...

I'm afraid I've no miracle advice for your itching, but can sympathise, the same happens to me. In light evenings through the summer, spent weeding and gardening, I'd come in and be itching all night....up my legs, across my back, on my forehead...everything bites me too, and I react badly too.
Anyway, have just come across your blog, and LOVE it! There seem to be similiarities in your life and mine (on a smaller scale), and like-minded ideas too. My 3yr old daughter has just started school nursery, and I'm not impressed. Would love to home-school her in the future if I can. Not sure if it'll be possible for us, but we'll see. I love growing veg and fruit too, but only have a small area to do it in. Have some chickens, and would LOVE to be self sufficient one day. :-)
Nice to meet you! I'm Hannah from North Wales.

Bridget said...

I've just looked up insect bites in my aromatherapy book, you can use Lavender or Camomile either neat or in a cream (non fragrant, lanolin free cream made from plant products and add 10 drops of oil)
Insect repellant, you can use clove or peppermint, this is best done in a burner with water and 12 to 15 drops of either or both oils. You could probably use this in a cream too so that you don't get bitten, depends if you like smelling of cloves or mints!! Hope that helps and your bites get better soon.

Claire said...

Hi Hannah! Lovely to meet you too. I'm glad you enjoy my blog.

Thanks for looking this up for me Bridget. I can handle smelling minty. I think that would be much more socially acceptable than the strange twitchy scratchy movements I keep making at the moment! I'll have to get some peppermint oil.