Saturday, 4 September 2010

Last beach day of the summer?

We arrived and the children dove straight on in.

I like jelly fish. I think that by and large they are beautiful. This fella looked very much like he had been beaten with the ugly stick though. He also looked like he had a seriously large brain or intestine (my jelly fish anatomy ain't' good).

Come on Craig, I'm getting blown away here!

Camp was finally set up.
Didn't take long before Hermione headed on out with her body board. Unfortunately she didn't get long because the tide was on the turn and we called time.
I relented and let him into my pashmina for a big snuggle - even though he was soaking wet and sandy.

Watching the tide roll away and all that.

Big boat, little boat.

Doubt there'll be many more beach days this summer. We would have been hard pushed to hang around for the day without the windbreak, even now. Miles feels the cold and spent much of the time snuggled in my pashmina, watching the boats. There's just Hermione who doesn't feel the cold at all. Perhaps we'll all just sit in the car and watch her next time *grin*.

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