Saturday, 18 September 2010

Room with a view

We've been away for a few days to celebrate Nana's birthday. The view from our room was breath taking.

I suspect the lawns man let out a silent scream when Miles took to the croquet lawn with his mallet.

The hills were alive with cascading streams following a few wet days prior to our arrival. My heart was in my mouth but I had to let them experience the joy of clambering the falls, (small ones not large ones I hasten to add!), and thankfully there were no slips or trips.

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It was Nana's first trip here, to one of my regular haunts.
I think she loved it as much as I do. I hope she did. I certainly enjoyed sharing it with her.


Lynn said...

Ohhh, we love it there too;-)x

Claire said...

There's something special about it. Can't put my finger on it but I feel really emotionally at ease there :-)