Monday, 6 September 2010

Technology neanderthal needing guidance

I think I would like a kindle (upon the basis that I love reading) but I'm not really sure what it does, how easy it is to work, if it causes eye strain etc etc...I know you can read write ups and reviews but they are usually written by people trying to sell these things. Can someone with no vested interest tell me what they think of it? Thank you.


Sarah said...

John just got one last week, and I'm reading the new Peter Robinson on it. Haven't got very far with it yet (due to being too tired for book-reading a lot of the time), but read for maybe half an hour before bed last night. My eyes did feel tired, but how much of this was due to the Kindle and how much just to being pretty much asleep I don't know. Will keep you posted though.

Oh, does Steiner group start next Friday by the way?


Claire said...

Hiya Sarah

I had the children to the opticians yesterday and asked his view. He went into a very long and highly technical explanation of things, but, essentially I think the point he was making that an adult reading from a screen will not damage their eyes. Although it won't damage your eyes it will make them tire very quickly in comparison to a paper book so if you do most of your reading at a time when you are tired anyway (as I do, in bed at night) then a kindle probably isn't the best option.

He went on to say kindles and too much screen time generally probably aren't good for young developing eyes. Something to do with the brain coming to believe that the world exists just inches away and the eyes develop in keeping with that. Stressed the need for very regular screen and book breaks for youngsters.

Hmmm, so that possibly is the deciding factor for me with the kindle. I'm always struggling to focus anyway by the time I get the chance in the day to read so I should perhaps stick with paper.

I think Steiner group starts again this week but probably check. Will be great to see you. xx