Friday, 10 September 2010

Love, laughter and happy ever after

What a week! It's been a real roller coaster ride. We've had some time at home which was just what I needed. We made chutney and Elderberry and Almond Tart. The tart is delicious.

We have spent two days playing in woodland and by babbling brooks with friends new and old. I so enjoyed the fuzzy warmth of the company and the warmth in the changing leaves. The children even managed to appear warm despite stripping off to play in the brook!

My chooks are really enjoying the autumn berries. They're little rascals really. We have had no raspberries from our canes this summer because they like them so much that they flutter up to pick them.

Thankfully the blackberries are out of the chook's reach - they're not however out of Miles' reach, so that still means I get none!

Gathering elderberries for our tart.

I spent *grown up time* with a friend who is travelling a really difficult path right now. My heart is going out to her. I feel very saddened that her problems aren't ones which I can help to solve. If you can, please spare a moment to think of all the mamas out there, particularly those with very young children, who are being forced to contemplate their own mortality right now.

Also, I think I have mentioned in recent months that I have been having MRI scans and other investigations. I can't recall whether or not I told you that it was suspected I had Multiple Sclerosis? Well, I'm pleased to say that my neuro surgeon has finally arrived at a diagnosis, (thank goodness because I just couldn't cope with more MRI's or being pricked all over with pins!) and it's NOT Multiple Sclerosis! I'm going to be having lots of treatment to reinstate greater movement and sensation in the right upper quadrant of my body. Sounds quite intensive and the prognosis isn't great - but hey, I don't mind, earlier this week I thought I could have something a whole lot worse!

Hermione has discovered my old roller boots in the attic and has spent today skating up and down the deck, with I would say roughly a 60/40 split as to time on her feet and her bottom. You've got to love girl's determination. There's no physical activity she won't master if she puts her mind to it.

I've also been busy this week organising further home ed trips to Durham Cathedral and I've also been chatting with friends about possibly organising a little group to play social skills games. I'm just learning about these games and have to say that so far I think they sound really good. we often play things like Ungame at home but this feels like a step further, playing similar games with people outside of our family unit.

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Clare said...

It all sounds very idyllic! Lovely that you're having such a good time at the moment, and great news about the MS (although sorry for your friend).

Looks like an interesting game, will investigate. Would be good to have something to play that wasn't competitive, as our games seem to disintegrate quite often :(