Monday, 20 September 2010

South Lakes Wild Animal Park

Miles helped hand feed the giraffes before visiting the other animals. As ever we had a great time at South Lakes Wild Animal Park last week. We were looking more closely at some of the issues affecting the Sumatran tiger today after listening to a talk at the park. My head has been spinning with the pros and cons of palm oil. It certainly is difficult to weigh up all of the relevant considerations. Deforestation to plant palms is causing mega problems, but then of course there is the off set of cheap food in a world with poverty, bio fuel benefits etc.

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dawny said...

the palm oil thing is affecting the orangutans terribly too - if only companies would use the sustainable established plantations but instead they go for the cheapest option :(
look :

hope you dont mind me sharing that with you , it makes me so angry!!

Claire said...

Please do share! I'll look at that link properly when I've finished burning dinner :-)