Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Chocolate spoons and stuff

Well, it could have been a miserable day, but thankfully it all turned out rosy. We were to meet with friends for an advent spiral but gale force winds and rain put paid to that as it was to be an outdoor event. With exciting plans postponed for now, I thought I had best make an effort to do something a little out of the ordinary with the children. So, we made chocolate spoons.

First we melted some dark chocolate..

...then we placed a white chocolate button and a lollipop stick in each of our daisy moulds...

..filled the moulds with dark chocolate, placed them in the fridge, then voila!

They went down a treat in a cup of hot milk after dinner. This was the start of proceedings. In Miles' case it got a whole lot messier towards the end! The drink, even with rice milk which has a tendency to be watery, was delicious.

Since it was blowing an absolute hooligan I also relented and allowed them to bring Saffy in for a short while this afternoon. She doesn't cope well in rough weather. She's much stronger now but I doubt she'll ever fully recover from her harsh start in life.

Since we were unable to join in an advent spiral today we decided to start our advent read instead. We're reading a chapter of Mary's Little Donkey each day on the lead up to Christmas. We've only read one chapter, but so far so good!

Singing The North Wind to Miles this evening set me wondering when will our snow come this year? I love the snow and hope we do have a decent covering at some point. Would be nice if it didn't stay so long as last year though - we were all developing cabin fever!

The North wind shall blow and we shall have snow,
And what will poor robin do then?
He'll sit in the barn and keep himself warm,
With his head tucked under his wing.


Sarah said...

It was a shame about the Spiral - hope you manage to do it before Christmas!

Those spoons look great - I might just borrow that idea :-)

Claire said...

Contemplating popping out now to stock up on choc to do them for the gift bags :-)

Bridget said...

They look great, almost a shame to eat them! Almost!!