Sunday, 6 November 2011

A conundrum

I know I’ve not been around in a long while. I’ve been drawn into Facebook and try as I might I just couldn’t shake it. I’ve known all along it wasn’t the best medium for me to communicate, but ho hum, it’s so popular these days that it seems almost difficult to avoid it. Finally I’ve seen the light and totally redefined my Facebook existence. Hallelujah!!

Well, now turning to a much more significant conundrum I’ve been facing; how do I maintain my values with my children, in a culture that doesn’t share many of my values?

I’m inclined to wade in and say that this is an issue which has grown as the children have grown older and have formed more numerous and influential relationships outside of the immediate family, however, I don’t really think this is so. I’ve noticed stark differences in my values and those of others since becoming aware of having values – and certainly much more so since I joined the world of parents, and started to wrestle with what seems to be almost continuous challenges to my values.

What are these values that are causing me so much stress? I value peace, respect and openness. I want my children to grow in their hearts and minds as well as their brains. I value solutions not problems – and particularly those solutions brought about through honest dialogue with regard for all concerned. I value togetherness, love, laughter, dancing and just being. Being alone, being with my children, being with my family, being with my friends.

I'll be back later this week, hopefully with more thoughts on my conundrum.


bridget said...

It's brilliant to see you back. I have this problem all the time, the outside influences on my children scare me to death. The amount of my daughters friends that lie to their parents and have hidden boyfriends and suchlike. I haven't got an answer for you, I'm just trying to trust that my children will be honest with me as I have been honest with them and hope for the best. I think that's going to have to do for now.

Claire said...

Thanks for welcoming me back Bridget. I wonder if we're part of a group of 'once were regular bloggers who drifted away and are now drifting back into the land of blog'?

Bridget said...

I got a bit fed up with it, I get loads of readers ( 83 on Saturday) but no comments what-so-ever and I wonder why they bother to read!! I am very pleased to see you back though.

Claire said...

Same here! Lots of readers but few comments. Having said that, going on my recent dalliance with Facebook, I think that might be a good thing. There's certainly a case for everyone not just opening their mouthes and allowing anything to trot out :-) I love reading comments, but even without them, I find the process quite cathartic.

Sarah said...

Hello :-) Good to see you back!