Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Truly blessed

I'm feeling truly blessed today. We met with friends and I was given a beautiful bunch of flowers from a lovely mama who had noted I've been a bit out of sorts of late.

While Miles and I were learning and crafting with friends, Hermione and Nana were working hard. We returned home with our gnome (the short guy in brown below) .......

...to find the table set and dinner prepared - cottage pie and the most amazing devil's food cake with strawberries!

To top it off Hermione had also done some of her maths off her own bat, read some history of the American Civil War and typed a further chapter of her project upon the latest works of Bani Abidi.

Wow! Can it get any better? I'm sure it can with a dose of advent planning, an episode of Holby and an early night with the electric blanket on 'boil your bottom' setting. Have I told you about my water bottle/wheat bag deliberations - followed by the leaking of my own water bottle? Well, that's one for another time.

Edited to add the day can get even better!!! Hermione has had a personal email from the artist Bani about the inspiration and motivation for creating her latest piece. Oh, isn't that wonderful that she has taken the time to email my ten year old and give quite detailed insights into her inspiration?


Anonymous said...

Glad you had such a good day. They're great when they come along aren't they, even if you have to wait a whille!

Bridget said...

Oh I love god days, cherish it, it might be a while until the next one comes along!

A said...

i did'nt realise that you were blogging again, good to 'see' you!

Claire said...

*waves* to Amanda xx