Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Oh dear

The children played happily around the woodland and the affectionately known 'Gruffalo Bridge' today..

...that is till Miles managed to somehow wedge his knee between the rails. What a carry on! Thankfully he was remarkably calm but after a few minutes with no progress I was becoming a wee bit stressy. He's such a slim chap his knee cap is the widest part of his knee, and it was as if any attempts to just pull his knee out would have pulled off his knee cap!

Talk began of one parent running for help and to try to get a saw to cut the wooden rail, but all of a sudden, he was free! One wonderful mama wiggled his trousers and it somehow just released his knee. It was amazing. Such a relief! Had it lasted much longer I may have had to vow never to leave the house again without a hack saw in my bag!

1 comment:

Bridget said...

Kids! Who'd have them? Thankfully it wasn't his head!
It's a boy thing definitely, mine bots are always getting stuck up trees, I might just leave them there one day!