Thursday, 24 November 2011

Too much of a good thing

Perhaps it's just as well I had a lantern malfunction. I wouldn't like to end up OD' ing on all things home made. Fear not my family; I won't do this to you, I promise.

Having said that I am very excited about the imminent arrival of some needle felting supplies. Like lantern making, I've fancied trying needle felting for a long time. Here's hoping it's a bit more successful. I having visions of beautifully felted robin red breasts chirping merrily on my tree this year.

On the subject of what not to do this Christmas, I sincerely hope Craig doesn't do what this bloke did below. Crikey, I know it's the season of peace on earth, but I think I'd still feel strong urges to chase with a stick any man who suggested to me that a babygro is suitable family photo attire.


Bridget said...

I can't tell my boys apart from behind as it is, it's only the different heights that stop me from muddling their names up even more than I do! If I dressed them all the same it would be a nightmare!
I'm not sure what's happening with my blog, blogger are closing and they're saying that by 7th December I won't be able to access my admin and my blog will be deleted. I'm not sure whether to move it somewhere else or call it a day. Some days I find it really hard to find time to blog.
Thanks for the sympathy over the bunny. Rose seems to be OK, we're keeping a careful eye on her.

A said...

O.M.G!!!! WHY???????

Claire said...

Blogger are closing? Oh, goodness, will I loose all my blog?

Bridget said...

I've got a big message come up when I go in to admin my blog. I use which I think is also called Blogger, it's the same "B2 symbol as you!

Claire said...

Oh, I think that must be a different host to what I use.