Sunday, 19 February 2012

Making me smile

Yay! We're all set, dates agreed upon, deposit paid - we're going on a podding holiday with four other families in the Lake District later this year. For the uninitiated below is a picture of a pod. They're just like a wooden hut really, but I like them as you don't have the whole stress of erecting them, or taking it down in your nightie whilst a gale force wind whips your nether regions. Oh, how I remember one such trip!

A very special breakfast of rolled oats, sweetcorn and raisins for a birthday bird and her chosen chums this week. Not that I'd like anyone to think our chooks are spoiled rotten mind you *sigh*.

Beautiful flowers from my beautiful husband to commemorate the day I agreed to be his wife. It wasn't the fourteenth. We don't do Valentine's Day on the 14th as the first year I knew Craig he had a full diary that day and asked if we could do it another day when chances are restaurants would be less busy and flowers cheaper. Goodness, and some say romance is dead! The alternative date stuck as the reality is restaurants are quieter and flowers cheaper if you wait till later in the week.

Reading this book I can't help but look around and smile at all that I take for granted. In comparison to so many I am truly blessed.

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