Thursday, 2 February 2012

Snuggle down

With temperatures predicted to drop way below zero tonight, I think a pinot grigio, basket of logs and slab of dark chocolate could be just the thing!


Bridget said...

We were at an observatory looking at the Moon, Jupiter and Orion Nebula last night, we were absolutly freezing!!It was hot water bottles all round when we got home, it took us ages to warm up! The sights were well worth it though!Honestly the things we do in the name of Home Education!

Claire said...

I know - we're hardy :-)

Just a word of warning Bridget, we have recently swapped to electric blankets after my hot water bottle burst. I got away with a very minor burn because I was awake when it happened and it wasn't right next to me.

Craig had been saying to me for years I should be more careful after a lady he works with had very serious burns from a similar incident - unable to work for weeks.

I guess if you follow the safety guides and only put hot tap water in, as opposed to hot from the kettle, it should be okay. I just wasn't as good as I should have been at following that rule :-)


Bridget said...

Thanks for the warning, I've never thought of them bursting!