Saturday, 4 February 2012

Snow, acorn caps and books about beliefs

Now, before I forget, I wanted to let you know about a book I picked up from one of the online bargain book places. It's aimed at children (although I've learned a thing or two from it!) and it's called What Do You Believe? It's part of a series and I'm sorely tempted to invest in some of the others too now. Perhaps I ought to wait for them to turn up at The Book People or similar.

The felt toadstools are multiplying and I suspect there will be more springing up soon.

Also, we've made jeweled acorn caps following this tutorial. Ours aren't at all shiny like the ones in the tutorial. I can't help but wonder if they would benefit from a lick of clear nail varnish? Maybe, maybe not!

A cautionary note if you decide to bejewel your own acorn cap stash - they hurt, a lot, if you stand on them. I'm talking more painful than Lego and whats more they can leave splinters of sharp organic matter in your foot!

The snow finally arrived this afternoon. Poor Sammy duck, her beautiful beetle green feathers all sprinkled with snow.

Snowy snuggles for Saffy.

Snow bunny.

Oh, that darned bunny has jumped into the grain trough again!


Bridget said...

We're still waiting for the snow ( and the angel!)

Claire said...

We've got a couple of inches now, but it's stopped snowing, and according to the local forecast, there won't be anymore over the next couple of days :-(

dawny said...

awww your bunny is sooo cute :)

Bridget said...

Sunday morning and still no snow or angel, I think he's too busy in the South-East to come to the South-West. Maybe next time!

Claire said...

Perhaps he's saving the best till last Bridget? :-)