Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Forensics workshop

Crime scene.

Fingerprint work included finding prints on the case using ultraviolet light, taking prints, including their own to be eliminated from the process.

Analyzing soil samples collected from footprints left at the scene. Connecting various types of soils found with soils found in the areas where prime suspects live.

Dropping 'blood' samples from various heights and recording how the splatter patterns changed with height of drop.


peapod said...

This looks like a fabulous workshop - something my sons would really like to do. Whereabouts was it held?
peapod :)

Claire said...

An Education Officer at a local museum did it for us - for free!

peapod said...

Fantastic! You've inspired me to seek out something similar :)

Bridget said...

It all looks very professional, was the culprit apprehended?

Claire said...

Ah ha, well, based on the forensic scientists recommendations the Police are going to search the premises of the top ranking suspects and we will be advised next week of who was arrested and charged :-)