Monday, 27 February 2012

Perhaps I ought to get out more?

I met a friend in town for dinner this evening. I parked in a multistory and once I switched the engine off I could hear such a commotion I was tempted to quickly drive off. Transpired there was a boot camp taking place on the floor above, which was closed to traffic. Goodness, I couldn't fancy airing my sweat pants in a multistory - could you?

On to the restaurant and I ordered an apple and orange juice which was called a Chilly Billy. As well as Rum Bah Bahs the menu also featured Whitby Woofer with Spicy Sausage. We had to ask the waitress if a Whitby Woofer was fish or a vegetable. It's a fish.

Goodness, I had a great time and certainly do need to get out more - even if only to keep track of what's going on out there.


Bridget said...

Rum Bah Bah, I'm green with envy!!

Claire said...

Showing you age there Bridget :-)