Friday, 20 July 2012

A week in pictures

Finally, the sun shone and we went strawberry picking.  Must be said, there were very slim pickings this year.  The excessive rain we have had left many rotting on the plant, all moldy and split.  Usually we stagger home with a couple of large cardboard baskets full, but this year we struggled to fill a small plastic container.

Oh, you let a hen out of a cage and next thing it's checking out the duplo and mechano!  This is Nora (Ex Batty) exploring the play room, having sneaked in when the back door was open.

A queue to lay an egg in the plant pot by the back door.  Sheesh, these hens get away with too much!

We visited a flow mill which is supposedly tidal.  The wheel wasn't turning when we were there, and whilst the on board assistant was pleasant, he didn't seem to really understand it.  He said the wheel sometimes moves a couple of hours after high or low tide at the coast - but sometimes it 'just doesn't'. Hmm...clear as mud.

There is lots of equipment on board which tests river samples and somehow translates them into music.    I went along with the expectation of tingling bells and catchy jingles.  It wasn't like that at all.  It was much more like white noise.

We liked  these big glass containers which played bubble tunes when you agitated the water with the rod.

We took this picture standing on the Millennium Bridge.  Wonderful view of the Tyne Bridge, which thankfully shows no lasting damage from it's recent lightening strike.

View of the flow mill from the bridge.

As were in the area we trundled into The Baltic.  I find it's usually a bit hit and miss with the children depending upon how child friendly the exhibitions are.  Well, on this occasion it was a hit!

We thoroughly enjoyed the 40 Part Motet by Janet Cardiff. It was so much more than just beautiful music.

The children had wonderful fun exploring the 'mountain inside a shed' created by Richard Rigg and you can see it here.

My only regret about the visit is that instead of having a good rummage through last years Turner Prize posters and books, all now on sale for £1, we were all distracted by a lovely gallery employee who enticed us in the opposite direction with a large tray of birthday cupcakes, iced with a number ten on top to celebrate the Baltic's tenth birthday.

Goodness, would you believe the folks who shop at Aldi these days?

Gliding giants carrying instruments and strange funnels.

Eeek, smoky funnels!

You see them come, you see them go.  Some are fast and some are slow.

Seriously, they weren't Aldi shoppers; they were Le Snob.  You can see them in action on a different occasion below.  Check them out.  They're seriously strange!

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