Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Patch and Pots

 What with all this wet weather we're having I've not been pottering up the patch that much this last week or so.  I guess one of the benefits of growing in pots is that they don't water log so easily; that's certainly a factor with our clay soil in the patch.

I feel quite self satisfied at the way I've managed to sneak lots of rainbow chard between the primulas.  I like feeding home grown greens to my babes.  Makes me feel quite virtuous and helps to cancel out the times when all they get is oven chips and fish fingers!

Ooooh, not long now and we should be picking broad beans too.

What's that nestled in the shaded grass on a rare sunny moment?  Yes, that's the three baby ducklings at the front.  They're roaming with the flock now and have earned respect from almost everyone with their feisty attitudes.  Certainly no wilting violets!

All this rain is really swelling the apples and pears.  I'm sure they're not usually this size in early July.

Sadly the blooms aren't fairing as well in this weather.  The petals have been battered and dropped early.

Goodness, in the time it took me to ponder which elder flower cordial recipe to use this year the flowers were gone!

A close up of those cuties again. Oh, what hard life snoozing on the lawn!

Lola is ever so taken with the play house right now.  She's another girl with attitude.  We adopted her from a very elderly gentleman who was struggling to manage with his poultry.  It must be said, he'd done well to look after a thriving flock till well into his 80s - it's no mean feat!  This was his 'show girl'.  He hadn't actually entered her into any shows but always called her 'the show girl', hence she came to be known as Lola round here.

Happy pottering  xx

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