Saturday, 28 July 2012

Spider hunting

 Oh, the things we do in the name of motherhood!  This week saw us trecking through woodland, on an unusually hot and humid day, hunting for spiders.  Yes, spiders!

The ranger put her large white paddle net under the bushes to see what fell out.

After a quick warning of 'shut your mouth and close you eyes' it was time to shake the trees and see what dropped out. this time I was itching all over.

Reluctant to join in any spider catching, Hermione set out to capture some webs instead, using a special spray and black card.  I was surprised the rangers did this; will Incy Wincy not be sad to return to find his web gone?

Goodness, I feel all itchy scritchy just looking at this picture.  One of Miles' friends captured this specimen.

Back at the ranger's hut there were brief explanations about tree spiders having small bodies and long spindly legs, while ground dwelling spiders have bigger bodies and shorter legs.  We left not long after this.  There was talk of spiders being released (indoors) to identify and measure them.  I was already out of my comfort zone and the prospect of being in an infested room tipped me over the edge.

I had hoped that the session would ease my fears, but no such luck.  This year I must remember to get some of that horse chestnut spray.  I hate September and October when they come out looking for a mate.  Like it's not bad enough when they move in your home, come late summer they're on the pull and sexually active!  Urrrghhhh.

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Annabel Smith said...

Oh i am petrified of them little beasts too!