Saturday, 7 July 2012

Rising water levels

We called into town today to check out the river levels following yet more rain.  The river was much higher than the other day, and it soon became apparent it had been even higher yesterday!  Below is the roadway we usually walk to get into town.  It was completely flooded.  The river is the second body of water, which looks very brown, running alongside the flooded roadway.

Having battled through the rising waters I found sustenance in a white chocolate and raspberry muffin.

Sheesh, look how high the water was compared to the other day!  Ducks were swimming where we were standing on Thursday afternoon!

This was Miles' chosen sustenance.  He's very partial to a giant jammy dodger in Costa Coffee, but alas, they are no more.  Out with the giant jammy dodgers and in with giant bourbons and custard creams.

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