Sunday, 2 September 2012

Big plans and Wendy sneaky peeks

Well, it's that time of year again; were the children to attend school they would most likely be returning from their summer break this week.  Why that affects me as a home educator I don't know - it's not as if we adhere to school holidays schedules.  I guess it's a kind of psychological thing - a time to buy new pens and rulers, draw a line in the sand and move on to a higher level of learning....hmmm....or something like that ..

We do seem to be moving to a new level right now.  I'm not yet sure if I would define it as 'moving up a notch' but we're certainly aiming to have a bit more structure and routine.  I think this is just happening naturally as the children get older and some of their needs are best met outside of the house, with the expert input of others.

Hermione is starting a regular cookery class which is amazing as it means that we get wholesome cooked food now and then without me having to do anything, yay, bring it on!  We have dipped in and out of this before but have only now found a suitable slot that fits in with everything else.

This week we had a very tasty pasta salad with feta, followed by delicious spiced hazelnut cookies.  The lady she works with is a retired home economics teacher and she's lovely.

Other things that I need to be sorting are Miles' weekly French and Five In A Row sessions with friends, plus Hermione's weekly Science Sessions (with a wonderful mama who has the knowledge and equipment to help make science interesting).

We also need to be make a decision soon as to whether Hermione would like to start the Silver Arts Award this term.

I'm having lots of thoughts about 'work' but not much is transpiring into action.  I had hoped to have fully read and prepped Blood Pressure by Alan Gibbons which is the next text I would like Hermione and I to study together.  The plan is to take it in it's widest form - not just looking at the writing style, literary devices etc - also looking at the area where it is set, issues it raises etc.

I'm also having thoughts about a war re enactment for a couple of days.  I know there are some local home edders who have re enacted war time conditions with rations, time in the air raid shelter (under the stairs), black out curtains etc.  I'm thinking and psyching myself up.

Although my mid is a whirl with thoughts and ideas, I'm cutting myself a bit of slack and pinning high hopes on a special Family Goal Planning Day which I am having with a friend later this month.  The plan is to  squirrel ourselves away for the day, and together, come up with a way forward, a workable plan to transform our family life.

Currently, there are so many issues I feel I need to tackle that I worry a day may not be enough!  I really want to look at creating and ring fencing family time, time for the children to be out and about with just one parent, time for 'date nights' (!!) - with Craig I hasten to add,  ensuring the children are receiving an adequate/quality education, family nutrition, the importance of eating as a family, responsibility for chores around the house...and more...

I've not managed to do all I hoped with Wendy this weekend.  My little man is terrible for grinding his teeth.  He has managed to grind and break a slack baby tooth in his gum.  It's all rather horrid although I think he may now be looking up.  So, what with trips to the dentist, much chopping of food into tiny pieces, never ending snuggles (by day and night), Wendy is not looking quite as well dressed as I hoped as yet.  Ho hum, needs must.

Bunting almost ready to rock.

Remember the horrid dark brown cupboards with awful yellow patterned perspex in them?  Check them out now, all luscious lemon with cheeky oil cloth print.

Crochet curtain pelmets.

Brand spanking new ceiling!  This will be of most significance to friends close by who had the misfortune to encounter the ceiling as it was before - rot, mould and all!

Ah, the sun is shining, the garden is calling, got to go my lovelies xx


Hayley said...

I love the idea of the family goal planning! I will probably incorporate something like that in the next few years.

Claire said...

I shall report on my success (or otherwise!) later in the month :-)