Monday, 10 September 2012

Wendy - pictures from her maiden voyage!

We have just returned from another fabulous trip with friends to The Quiet Site in the Lake District.  I love this site and to be able to go with friends, in my Wendy Van, was just amazing!

It's been interesting getting to know her better and finding out the highs and lows of Wendy Life.  Thankfully she made it to our destination without trouble; somehow that in itself felt like an achievement considering her age (she's in her mid thirties) - older than a couple of the mums who were holidaying with us!

Chugging along at a very maximum speed of 55mph, with no computerised dash displaying the time and estimated time of arrival, life took on a wholly different pace.  She's so chunky, and I found it so odd sitting on what felt to me to be the wrong side of the cab (she's left hand drive), I was often blissfully unaware of the chaos she appeared to be causing behind us.  Sheesh, I bet we were well and truly cursed by boy racers this weekend!

The whole space worked much better than I imagined it could.  There seemed to be plenty of space for everyone to do their thing - providing of course their thing wasn't wildly physical.  The sleeping area above the cab was so really comfortable and cocoon like; I loved it despite my initial reservations and a slight ladder mishap which saw me almost splat onto an unsuspecting sleeping Miles below.  Thankfully my ladder descent technique improved after that incident and I have made a note to wear more suitable ladder climbing attire in future.

Last night there was a storm but we heard nothing warm and cosy in Wendy.  It had been bad; it had broken a friend's awning, but we knew nothing.

The only big downside was that our fridge was a bit hit and miss.  Fruit and veg was fine but after the first day we couldn't use perishables.  That's something we need to look at before using her again.  Also, the shower was a refreshing dribble as opposed to cleansing blast.  I guess that's part and parcel of RV showers but the shower hose was leaking badly, no doubt due to the fact that it looked like an original (ancient) fitting.  Much water was lost straight down the plug.  The only other minor irritation was that were we to have guests, I would have to advise anyone over 5ft 6 that in order to sit on the toilet they would need to wrap their knees around their ears - or alternatively leave the bathroom door open.

Daddy put the kettle on - or perhaps I should say daddy put your head in the oven?

First family dinner in the dining area.

Ever so quirky Appletiser salt and pepper shakers given to us by friends.  We also received beautiful rose fairy lights and 'welcome' bunting as Wendy warming gifts.

A beautiful view over the fells.

Sitting outside with friends late evening, enjoying a bottle of cider and a piece of cheesecake in the candlelit glow!

No maiden voyage would be complete without bubbly.

It has to have been one of the cosiest spaces we have ever slept in.  Miles is sleeping soundly in the duvet mountain below.

Space for me to drink coffee and natter on the door step, Miles to have friends round to play games and Hermione to chill with a book.

I'l be back soon to tell you about our first family foray into mountainous fell walking.


Sarah said...

Wendy looks awesome! What a transformation :-)

*might* come along next time.....

Claire said...

I would love it if you did come along :-) Clover would have a wonderful time - as would you, I'm sure. Camping these days is a lot more comfy than it was, even just a few years ago, with lots of new gadgets on the scene. The pods take a lot of the pain out of it too. xx