Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Up the Patch

 Sometimes, when it all become a bit of a challenge, I love to get back to basics - chooks, ducks, reading stories and baking cakes.  Here are some pictures I took at the weekend, before our area was hit by flooding.

This is Ping, one of the June hatchlings.  He's one of my favorites, not least because he's so strange looking.   Please, if anyone feels able to identify a dominant breed in him, I'd love to know. I think his coluring and particularly his white collar (which you can't see very clearly on the pictures) is very Saxony.

The fluffy bootie of David Peckham.

As suspected a very poor elderberry crop this year.  The blossoms were dashed by wind and rain.

Masses of ash keys though!

Arrrghhhh RED MITE!  I feel quite ashamed to be flashing my mites in this way, but in order to help friends who are new to hen keeping to identify them - here they are.  Now you see 'em.... you don't.  A blow torch is certainly the way to go, but don't rush in all gung ho as I did on this occasion.   Remove every last scrap of saw dust before blow torching a wooden hutch.  It's okay, there was water at hand and it was soon under control.

He loves nothing better than to snuggle in, trying to get his beak in your clothes or hair.

The Muscovies, watching over the babies.

I think this is a rowan tree.  I should know - I planted it!  Reminds me of a story about a rowan bush in one of my steinery books.  Off to look.

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