Thursday, 13 September 2012

Little Mell Fell - a dalliance with family fell walking

So here we are, a sunny afternoon in September, we set off to climb Little Mell Fell, woefully unprepared, wearing crocs or sandals and carrying only a packet of fig rolls.
Ah, my eyes lit up when I saw this sign.  I envisaged a pleasant roam in a setting like home from home.  Alas, we saw no ducks.

However, it wasn't long till we spotted an eagle and Miles had his binoculars at the ready.

The gentle slope soon changed into  a steep face of mossy tufts and bracken.

For fear of toppling off the earth I found it necessary to clamber this part on all fours.  This little guy below jumped out and almost splatted me in the face.  How I didn't topple off the earth at that moment I don't know!

We were nearing the top and the view was looking good.

At this point I had a rare patriotic urge and couldn't help but belt out Jerusalem.  here's hoping I had climbed high enough to be out of ear shot of people living below.

This was the most attractive sheep we saw on our journey.  She was beautiful and we named her Babara - not very original I know.

Some people had no fear of toppling off the earth and roamed on ahead to hide in bracken and jump out at those who were rather more doddery.

Past beautiful flowers.

Through woodland.

Babbling brooks.

So, would I do it again?  Yes, but in future I would be better prepared and not be mislead by names such as Little.  The fell was beautiful and dramatic - but certainly not little!

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