Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Legoland Trip - Part One (the park)

As someone who generally speaking would rather stick pins in her eyes that go anywhere crowded, loud and  generally 'full on' I have to say Legoland was a a pleasant surprise.  We've done other theme parks in the past, but I tend to do them under sufferance as the children like them.    This time I enjoyed it too.

When we have gone to other parks some of the rides have been too big or too scary for our children but all of the rides were suitable here.  It's a real family place as opposed to a hang out for thrill seekers.

There were quite a few water rides and the general consensus here is that the water rides are wetter than at other places.  Unlike Alton Towers for example, the driers just don't do it here - you get a real good drenching on many of the rides.

There were even chooks and ducks!

I loved this fire engine ride.  Families each had an engine and had to pump it with a lever to make it move towards the burning buildings.

They then had to jump out and put the fire out before racing back.  Great fun!

Dino safari had lots of fabulous models.

The Atlantis Submarine was good.  I hadn't really known what to expect and was delighted when I realised we were actually going to be going in a 'real' submarine.  It was cleverly done - the children were quite sure we were below water.

Looking out at a spectacular aquarium of fish, sting rays, sharks and Lego models.

Having been on the submarine the children could crawl into bubbles to look inside some large tanks.

Driving school - they both passed their test!

Boating school - not sure Hermione passed this one although she blamed Craig's steering.

Many of our favorite rides were in the castle area.  This was the home to Miles' favorite roller coaster which at one point we rode four times straight off.

I didn't expect much from the show.  The ones we had seen at other places were dire.  This was a great surprise; we all thoroughly enjoyed it.  The stunts were fab - they dove off the top of the big tower into the pool, somersaulting on the way down and doing all kinds of fancy moves.

We spent two days in the park and realise now we still didn't see everything or do all that we wanted to do.   I would certainly do it again.

Back soon to tell you all about the hotel - which was equally amazing in my view.

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Hayley said...

Wow that looks fabulous! Might have to go on my 'to do' list.