Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Legoland - Part 2 (The Hotel)

Here are some pictures, in no particular order, of the Legoland Hotel in Windsor.

We stayed in a Premier Pirate Themed Room.

All in all we loved the hotel.  It was a very special place for children - from the decoration, to the wandering characters, table covers to colour with pictures of Lego things, Lego chips and much more.  The food in the main hotel restaurant is buffet style and offered a good selection.  We're quite partial to Premier Inn buffet breakfasts and consider them to be a treat, but Legoland breakfasts knocked spots off those!  To be honest I think I'm still suffering the after effects of one too many warm Belgian waffles with thick chocolate sauce!

The hotel has a small swimming pool and a splash pool attached.  The pool area is very small but that didn't pose much of a problem when we were there - it was adequate for the number of guests who chose to use it.      There are lots of squirting things in the splash pool, a small slide and even a squirting see saw.  My only gripe, was that there were only eight changing rooms.  Yes, only eight!  We only had to wait a moment but I suspect that there will be times when this creates absolute mayhem.

This was the indoor play area.  It wasn't hugely interactive; I think they could have created something with more play value, however, it did look magical to the children.

When we arrived at our room there was a treasure trail for the children.  They answered the questions with clues from the room and that gave them the code for a safe.  They opened the safe and found two small Lego kits.  Cool.

This was the adult bed.

The walls and even carpets were themed throughout.  Miles spent what felt like forever interpreting stories from the carpets and wall coverings.

Acceptable room drinks tray.

Magnificent bathroom.

View from our room.

Even the dressing table had a nautical twist.

The children's bunks.

Yikes - a (Lego) spider on the bathroom ceiling!

Television stand in children's room.

Huge Lego ice cream sundae in the restaurant.

One of the many guests who called by at dinner.  Miles loved the characters and hugged each one of them.

Spaghetti chef.

 Door leading from hotel to park.

When the children jumped on this area of carpet there were loud farty noises followed by 'you stinky plink!' in a very strange accent.

Main entrance to the hotel.

The dragon breathed smoke.

Last but not least Lego chips!

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