Friday, 11 July 2008

The ashes

In the early hours of yesterday morning, as we were sleeping sound in our beds, one of our business premises burnt to the ground. Almost twenty years of hard work, sacrifice and commitment on the part of Craig, (and myself to a lesser degree), gone in a billow of flames. Our livelihood up in smoke.

The *over compensatory cake baking* phase has passed. Now entered the *frantic nail biting, trying not to cry, while also keeping calm and normal* phase.

In between awaiting calls from Craig to update me on fire reports, the forensic investigations, plans for new temporary plant and premises etc I managed to cook, clean, make play doh and explain the use of apostrophes today. It feels like an achievement in the circumstances. That's one of those good and bad things about being a mum I think, no one else can step in your shoes. You just have to keep plodding on.

I feel almost struck still with fear but also have an overwhelming urge to run wildly in an effort to try to release all the tension I feel. I feel like I'm going to implode. Please, someone stick a pin in me!


Anonymous said...

virtual pin being stuck!

and ((((Claire and family))))

take care of you, bake, hug, cry do whatever you need to do.

Lynn said...

Oh god claire,how awful.I am so sorry.

I know what you mean about the plodding on.Initialy I think it is good as a coping mechanism but soon you will need time to do that wild running to work out those feelings.I hope you will soon find the time and space to work through your emotions. (((hugs to you both)))

Claire said...

Thank you.

Ruth said...

Oh my ((((((((all of you))))))))) I am so sorry this has happened:(

Anonymous said...

Oh Claire, how awful. I hope you manage to sort it fairly quickly. xxx

Bridget said...

Hope it's all sorted out as painlessly as it can be, thinking of you. Unfortunately life does go on, it would be nice if we could stop the world for a day so that we could get our breath back.

cosmic seed said...

Oh Claire!! So sorry to hear about this - only just found your new blog having been somewhat distracted. I hope things are starting to look up for you all now. Much love Tech xx