Wednesday, 30 July 2008


At the beginning of summer we decided to look out for butterfly eggs which we could observe hatching into caterpillars, turning into chrysalis and emerging as butterflies. We made a butterfly hotel from a shoe box and very close weave transparent fabric. We watched out in the nettles (a favourite habitat apparently) and in the veg patch. Nothing. Not a sign of an egg, caterpillar or butterfly. We had almost given up hope when on Sunday I decided to pick, blanch and freeze more broccoli and there we had it - caterpillar and eggs on the broccoli!

Amidst much excitement we found the special observation equipment which we acquired on Freecycle since making our own hotel. We furnished it and popped in the eggs, small caterpillar and some fresh broccoli leaves.

Now, three days on, there is no sign of the eggs, there are however a couple more caterpillars and the small green one now looks big and brown. Very exciting stuff!

I hope to rustle up a few butterfly activities over the next few days and only hope that all goes to plan with the caterpillars we have. I'm giving them fresh greenery every day, making sure the soil in the bottom is moist but not too moist. I'd hate them to come to any harm because of our observations. My only other worry is that I'm possibly giving them too much greenery and we won't be able to actually see anything when it happens. I know, I know, the concerns of a woman who just doesn't get out often enough *grin*.

Edited to add I've just finished Googling butterflies and thought that since it's not long gone 9.00 I might pop out and spend an hour in my patch - but it's almost dark! Don't blink or you might just miss British summer time *sigh*.


Anonymous said...

we've been looking at butterflies too, Enchanted learning has some good crafty ideas and also information/worksheets.

Anonymous said...

Those are cabbage whites :)Enjoy your observations

Linda said...

Love the butterfly hotel, what a great idea.

Hope all goes to plan with them.