Friday, 18 July 2008


Had a lovely day at the museum with the children today but back home reality strikes. Still waiting to hear from insurance companies. Still having that feeling of watching our lives being carelessly passed from office to office like a tennis ball.

A SoulCollage by Meg Frost entitled 'Critic' and described as such - I Am your mental abuser. I make you fall in the depths where light cannot penetrate, the deepest dungeon of your soul.

I feel really tormented and terrified right now. I just hope this awful wait will be over soon.

Hermione is playing her clarinet in a concert tonight. I only wish we weren't hanging under this awful cloud and could give one hundred percent to the moment.


Anonymous said...

Claire, ((((hugs))))
you are giving them 100%
best of luck to H

Lynn said...

Well said Hippy mama, (((claire))

Anonymous said...

I really hope you hear soon, how awful having everything on hold.