Wednesday, 16 July 2008

The Patch today

Broccoli, spinach and even the odd potato.

Cabbage, lettuce and more stray potatoes

Broad beans, chard and nasturtiums.

Courgettes cloaked in fleece to try to stop rot and slugs.

Feathery fennel and poppies.

I had plans this year. I was going to be organised and methodical. There was going to be structure and order. Ho hum, I can always try that approach again next year...


Anonymous said...

structure? I love choatic gardening :0)

Schuyler said...

Simon's favorite Asterix and Obelix quote is "Tomorrow never comes" thus the threat of the sky falling tomorrow isn't a worry for those folks living in today. Keep the structure for next year. Next year is a lot of tomorrows away.