Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Rocks and milestones

Following on from yesterdays discussions about rock formations we headed off to Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens today to look at the fossils and crystals there. Thankfully we weren't disappointed. We saw lots of crystals, fossils and other natural formations.

We also saw a cacao bean.

An interactive feature showing the creepy crawlies which are likely to lurk in your home.- Nice.

Lots of fab water features and plants - including bananas, ginger, bamboo and black grapes.

A mysterious nut shell in which Hermione was convinced she could hear the sound of the sea. Hmmm, bit odd that.

We've also hit a few milestones today. Miles mastered using the scooter. He scooted along the deck shouting 'jump on Nana'. Thankfully she declined his invite. Hermione helped to chop veg with a sharp knife, stirred pots that were on the hob and after dinner mowed the lawn with the hover mower, (all with supervision of course). Time for me to loosen the reigns I guess. I think she's ready. The joy and pride on her face as she did those things was priceless.

Incidentally that stalactite experiment is not doing anything. I'll have to get my thinking hat on. String instead of wool? Perhaps the wool has nylon in which is resisting the solution? I never have been good at science.

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Anonymous said...

lol at jump on nana :0)

Sorry no help at all with science either!