Monday, 28 July 2008

Unplugged Project - flat

The theme for this weeks Unplugged Project was flat.

I know it's a bit of a tenuous link but we decided to press some flowers - they will be very flat in a week or so.

We marvelled at the old ones we found in the press. Some were paper thin and really fragile yet still held a lot of their colour. Beautiful.

Both of the children were really enthusiastic and the smell of sweet peas in the kitchen was fabulous as they arranged them between the sheets of card and blotting paper.

The press we used was mine as a child. It's just one of those wonderful timeless things, although I was thinking today that it is perhaps time I invested in some fresh blotting paper.

While on the subject of flowers, I thought I'd give an update on our rose oil making efforts. Well, the results were not like an essential oil I would expect to buy in the shop but still very pleasant nonetheless. The oil has tiny particles of petal in and judging by the look of it I fear it would go rancid quite quickly unlike oils I have bought. The smell is also not so pungent as I imagine the 'proper' one to be, but it is still very heady and decadent when used as a body oil. I'd certainly do it again although I'd possibly look into ways of refining it a little more.

Oh and by the way the heatwave appears to be over but the ice lolly fest continues.

Banana, spinach and crystal mana.

Honeydew melon with a swirl of raspberry.


So Smrt said...

I found a similar press at a garage sale this week, and plan to use it with my daughter this week! How cool that you had your own from childhood.

BChsMamaof3 said...

I've got my childhood flower press to :) It's so neat to have special things like that to pass on to your children. Have fun using your pressed flowers!
Nature Mama

Robyn said...

We pressed flowers this week too.
Those pops look delicious!

Bobbie said...

great idea... i should flat some flowers and just laminate them... that would be quicker for my girls to watch... thanks for the inspiration!!

Gottfredsen said...

I love the flowers they are so pretty. I am going to have to look for a press of my own now. The boys love picking them for me and I would love to save them.

School for Us said...

We loved pressing flowers when we did it about a year ago. One of the dads in our group made each of the kids their own press and they got to decorate it. That is neat that you have your childhood flower press. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh i remember flower presses, sadly mine is no more. Your lollies sound wonderful