Saturday, 25 October 2008

Apple bobbing, turkey making, pie munching...

We've had a wonderfully different week this week. We've really enjoyed having our guests to stay and have had lots of fun doing harvest stuff.

When you 'meet' people through the Internet there is always that question - but what are they really like? I'm not saying that people on the Internet are awful - not at all - I guess it's just not always easy to know if you will get along in real life with someone you get along with online.

I met my friend who has been to visit this week on a parenting site almost eight years ago. That was the good old days when UK parenting sites were supportive places to hang out. I thought I'd mention that as I think it is sometimes all too easy to dismiss the possibility of online life become part of 'real' life. Certainly you have to be careful, but there are some wonderful people out there and friendships to be enjoyed I think.

Before getting off my friends teenage daughter baked for me. She even taught me how to make pastry and not have it go all awfully crumbly. I know people are very quick to knock teenagers, and I must say that I don't personally have much experience of them, but in Nana's words my friend's daughter was an 'absolute delight' to have around - and I second that. I think it is wrong to take the behaviour of some teenagers and lump them all together as a 'bad lot'. People are so quick to generalise about teens - even if they wouldn't do so about others.

Pecan pie

My friend is a homeopath, counsellor and much more to boot. She is generous with her homeopathic remedies, words of wisdom and healing skills. My chests are now bursting at the seams with lots of new and exciting remedies to include luna, chocolate, MSG and much more. I feel clearer. Knots have been unravelled. I'm breathing easier.

Today we ate pecan pie, popcorn, apples and pumpkin pie. We listened to stories of how leaves change colour, the first pilgrims and the Thanksgiving turkeys.

We made our own turkeys and 'thankful leaves' in between bobbing and ducking for apples.

Fun and laughter. The stuff of memories.

What's more, while I was bobbing and munching, business was brisk with a few enquiries about our pumpkins. It's not too late to order for Halloween!

I've been thinking this week about curriculums. Thinking that I would quite like some (free or low cost) pre thought out art/literature/nature based stuff to do. I just don't seem to have as much time to trawl the Internet for ideas and resources these days as I'm forever absorbed in this insurance dispute. I've received links from some home ed lists and hope to have a good look at them this week


Anonymous said...

Those pumpkins are great, I'm so pleased you've had a good time with your friends.

Lynn said...

I really enjoyed that post.Great autumnal fun.Your friend sounds wonderful,just what you needed I would imagine.xx