Thursday, 16 October 2008


I Am the One Who is constantly juggling and trying to balance competing and contradictory demands in life - art and words by Don Nix

Hard at it here. So much to do - so little time - or so it seems.

The declination letter finally arrived from our insurers so now the work can really begin in respect of our appeal. Taking advice, more discussions with experts, commissioning reports and so on... I am so resentful of how this whole thing has taken over my life to a large degree and impacted on the personal connections I have with my children and friends.

Having a bit of a stress attack about home ed - or should I say the lack of it. We tend to follow a fairly autonomous structure at the best of times, (I think that is possible even though it initially looks like a contradiction in terms), but I'm painfully aware that I'm not really putting in what I should right now and that's making me sad.

On the positive side we have friends coming to stay next week and I am really looking forward to it - but am also having a bad bout of CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome). The house is such a tip. I only hope none of them have a dust allergy *blush*.


Anonymous said...

Claire I really feel for you right now. Friends won't mind dust, just enjoy the company ;0)

home ed: I think we all feel like this sometimes, especially when we have other commitments going on in life.

This is something that i have learnt, home ed continues no matter what, even if you think that they/you are doing nothing there is always something going on.

take care


Bridget said...

Like hippy mama said you're friends won't mind dust, they're coming to see you, not your house. Sometimes HE stops here too, you'll soon get back into it. It's amazing how much they still learn by "doing nothing"!
Hope you have a good time with your friends, personally I'd be more worried about offering them that green drink thingy than dust lol!!

Claire said...

Well, yes then there are the catering arrangements too. May keep green drink thingy off the menu :-)

Lynn said...

Can I just agree with the others!!
Wise words in deed ;-)xx

cosmic seed said...

yay for your soul collage :) the rest will work itself out, with time - she says being incapable of anything wiser than platitudes currently :-/

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you finally got the letter, I'm sure they are expecting you to just roll over. Wish there was some way I could help with the legal stuff. Of course everyone is right, your friends are coming to see you, not the house so enjoy their company :) Take Care x