Thursday, 9 October 2008


It's not a feeling that I've had in a long while but today I felt comfortable. Very comfortable, with everything.

As we sat on the floor counting in french, chatting about skin and the Celts, I felt comfortable. As I checked the leaves for caterpillars before making Miles' green juice I felt comfortable. I felt comfortable as I tiptoed between the squashes, picking sweet peas and stumbled across a prickly cucumber - our only cucumber of the season.

As we played in the park, observed the leaves changing colour and munched chocolate cake with strawberries and bananas on top I felt comfortable.

I even felt comfortable as I vacuumed and mowed the lawn - well, half of the lawn - never do today what you can put off till tomorrow *blush*.

Wow, it's felt so good. What's more I think I can attribute it to something really simple. I've read the Conversations with God books before, but the other day I got an email which reminded me that Neale Donald Walsch said there is only one question that you must ask and that is what would love do? I've been asking myself the very question a lot over the past couple of days and it's really helped me to simplify *stuff*.

Wishing you all comfort by the bucket load.


Bridget said...

Wishing you comfort too.

Kristen's Raw said...

Feeling comfortable is wonderful :)

And, I love green juice... going to make some myself right now.


cosmic seed said...

What a lovely post :-) NDW is great isn't he? Glad you're feeling comfortable, long may that feeling stay with you xx

cosmic seed said...

Wow, small blog world if that is Kristen's Raw from CSL!

Anonymous said...

thats a lovley post :0)

Helen said...

Hi Claire,
Glad that you are feeling good. I love that book to!
Looking forward to seing you soon!
Love Helen

Claire said...

Lovely to *see* you here Helen :-)

We are all very excited about you and Brian coming to stay. Hermione is extra excited after hearing that Uncle Brian speak fluent french! I think she's hoping he will have her to the top of the class in his week's stay!