Thursday, 2 October 2008

Round up

Time for a round up of bits and bobs.

Hermione has been put up a group in her swimming lesson. She is so pleased with herself and rightly so considering the massive progress she's made in a short space of time.

Some folks may recall that I wrote ages ago about a hall in the centre of town which the church had offered to rent to the local home ed community for a very small rent? Well that arrangement is looking more formal now and french lessons for home ed kids have started. Hermione went to the first one on Monday. She enjoyed it a lot and I am making a concerted effort to use what little french I do know around the house to try to encourage her - although she is probably sick of my attempts at 'my name is Claire' - something she already knows and doesn't need to be reminded of lots of times a day.

I decided a while ago to host a coffee morning and wrote about it here. Well, after much deliberating I decided to go ahead with it despite feeling rather crappy and not at all dynamic these days. I only made £15 but as Craig rightfully observed that wasn't bad considering I didn't really invite anyone *blush*. In some respects it then went from bad to worse as although the coffee morning campaign is organised by Macmillan I picked up my debit card and rang Marie Curie to make the donation. Doh! Never mind, still an excellent cause and hopefully the folks who did come along and enjoy Soo's rather excellent chocolate cake will not be too offended by my mistake.

Spent a lovely morning this morning wandering around a local woodland park with friends. The leaves are changing, times are changing. It feels scary but there's no stopping it. Time to leave go of the side and go with the flow.


Anonymous said...

Well done H with swimming :0)

wrt the coffee morning at least you did soemthing :0)

Bridget said...

It has suddenly got colder and the leaves are turning and falling, I love this time of year, especially when you still get warmish days and you can go to the park and be the only ones there, that's happened twice this week.