Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Halloween baubles

Miles and I raided the attic for some old Christmas baubles to revamp for Halloween today. We covered them in orange tissue paper and sparkly stars. I think they're quite pretty.

We had planned to go to the park but it was so cold. I don't ususally wimp about the weather but the cold snap seems to have come on so suddenly this week. The forecast is for sleet and snow tomorrow afternoon. I'm excited.

Hermione spent the day with a friend and her family. They went to Darlington Railway Museum and had a great time - apart from when the lady leading the craft activities accidentally elbowed Hermione in the eye! Ouch! Thankfully she was fine.


Anonymous said...

Thats lovey (not the elbow in eye!)
Max WIll NOT LEAVe OUR PUMPKINS ALONE!! Tehy are now on top of the (tall) Fridge!!

Claire said...

Our pumpkins are doing ok but I suspect when it comes to christmas all the baubles will end up on the top of the tree again with bare bottom branches :-)

Anonymous said...

Thats really pretty