Sunday, 2 November 2008


We had our Diwali celebration last night. It didn't go quite as I had planned but never mind. I was feeling decidedly under the weather and decided to leave Craig to it.
We ate home made onion bhajis, chapatis and rice - accompanied by a couple of curry dishes and garlic naan bread from the take away. The chapatis and onion bhajis were lovely and so easy to make. We'll certainly never order them in again now we have discovered how to make them ourselves.
Craig explained a bit about Diwali and chatted about Lakshmi the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity. He had printed the picture below of Lakshmi onto a large, (too large) , piece of paper, and we ate our feast with her looking down on us from the mantle surrounded by tealights which we imagined to be special Diwali lamps.

The plan was to play cards for money after dinner as apparently is customary at Diwali, (the thought being that Lakshmi will help you to win I believe), but we were all feeling rather sleepy after bhaji overload and crashed out. Maybe next time.
Anyone want a really large coloured picture of a four armed Hindu goddess? Only joking. I am going to take her down from the mantle but I'm going to stick her up in the play room and perhaps she will be a talking point for different customs and beliefs.
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Anonymous said...

That sounds similar to our diwali last year :0)