Wednesday, 12 November 2008

More organised than I thought!

Back in summer I decided one evening that I would write up a list of homeopathic remedies and symptoms for coughs and colds. Trying to figure out what to take for yourself when you're feeling grotty isn't always easy.

After a few days of feeling snuffly and hoarse I've finally remembered where I saved the list on my computer. Yay!!!!!! Hopefully I'll be fighting fit really soon again.

Incidentally, if anyone would like a copy of my list I'm more than happy to share.


CJ said...

Ooh I'd like a peek at the list please Claire.

email= educatedbylife(at)yahoo (dot) co(dot)uk


CJ x

Claire said...

Consider it done :-)

cosmic seed said...

yes please Claire :)

Claire said...

I've sent it to your google addy

Anonymous said...

I'd like the list please too, hope you feel better soon x

Anonymous said...

Hi [she says de-lurking!] I would love a copy - am going to ask santa for some homeopathy bits for xmas.

emma [at] pixieminx [dot] com


Emma :-)

Claire said...

I've sent it.

Hope it helps :-)

Bridget said...

Could you send me one please Claire.
Many thanks