Monday, 30 November 2009


There was much excitement today as the children sorted the advent tree.


I had grand plans for an advent spiral but have just rushed off a pastel spiral on a bit of paper *sigh*. Better than nothing I guess. I didn't want to abandon my plans completely.

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I'm hoping to have a bit of an advent circle time each day when we will light the candle in the spiral and ponder going within and finding our own light to share with others.

The two gifts under the tree are a book and some cards. The book is a wonderful book of short and illustrated stories, suitable for both a younger and an older child. The cards are called 'attitude cards' which I found online a while ago. Each card details an attitude and portrays positive ideas to do with that attitude. I'm hoping that we can read stories and having uplifting positive chats whilst watching the flickering advent flame. Over optimistic perhaps? Well, I can hope *grin*.

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