Sunday, 29 November 2009

Opera and woodworking

Hermione had her first trip to the opera this weekend. We went with friends to see Swanhunter performed by Opera North.

I wasn't familiar with the story before we went and was a little taken aback at the darkness of some aspects - it was an adaptation for family audiences. I need not have worried. At the end of the performance we visited the ladies before heading home. A little voice came across the top of the cubicle, 'mummy, I feel I have just had an experience of a life time'. I love opera but Craig's not keen. I'm hoping I may have a new companion for trips to the opera!

You can read more about the performance here.

I have been thinking that I would like to make some wooden decorations for our mantle. These are the sort of things I had in mind. I spotted them in an etsy shop.

Our first session didn't go particularly well. I realise now there is a lot more to this than meets the eye. Hopefully there will be an update and I won't get so flaming exasperated that they go in the fire.

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Amanda said...

I think its lovley when you and your child/ren have a shared interest :0)