Monday, 9 November 2009

Dinky Dig and thoughts on Balls, Badders and the process

We went on a mock dig at the local archaeology museum today. The trip was arranged by another home ed family. The children enjoyed it but the pickings were sparse. I think the dig should have been relocated to our back garden. We have found masses of very freaky stuff here. The previous resident was a doctor and at first I feared he could have been a Harold Shipman, but I think it's much more likely that he had lots of pets!



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I'm struggling with home ed at the moment. Not so much struggling with educating my children - more with the whole vibe of the political situation.

I know the situation is of grave concern and there is much to be done, however, I truly believe it's important to approach anything which life throws at us with optimism, positivity and a willingness to learn.

The air is thick with fear upon which anxiety, depression, paralysis and stress feeds. I don't want to live in this way. I will not be sucked into this vortex. I firmly believe that the main thing we must fear in life is fear itself. I won't succumb to fear about what may come of home education in this country. I will continue to do all I can - but with positivity and joy. I am fit and able to serve my children - to look after them, educate them and strive to maintain the right to do so. I'm pleased I'm in a position to do all this and will do so in love not hate.

This doesn't mean that I'm stupid, ill informed or apathetic. It means that I am willing to cut myself free of all the dross emotions which I could attach to the situation. It is possible to make change without anger, hatred and fear - so why buy into feelings which weaken us rather than strengthen us?


Hippy Mama said...

Cl;aire I could'nt agree more with you on the last bit!!

Dawny said...

HERE HERE!!! very well said darling , we can't let this thing prevent us from being upbeat enough to provide a good life for our children. xxx

Hannah said...

I have certainly been sucked into the vortex on more than one occasion since January. I like your approach, it's very refreshing - thank you for sharing :o)