Saturday, 7 November 2009

All of a tizz and Tower Ballroom

Here are a couple of pictures of our trip to Blackpool Tower. I thought it was going to be mega naff but I actually enjoyed it and could have spent more time than we had allocated. I hadn't realised there would be so much to see and do inside. The circus and aquarium were a particular hit. Hermione was also delighted to see the ballroom where Strictly Come Dancing will be broadcast from this week.



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I'm aiming to do some stuff about tourism, seaside resorts and seasonal economies with Hermione this coming week.

I'm all of a tizz. I was very cross when I realised last week that I had bought theatre tickets for two different shows, in two different venues, both for this morning. I had a rough night with Miles last night as he's not particularly well. Craig agreed to take Hermione to the theatre so that I could stay home with Miles. He went to the wrong theatre - one of the few in the region that we didn't have tickets for this morning *sigh*. Despite having doubled booked, Hermione ended up not getting to see anything. I'm so naffed off about it. I just hate it when I get in such a tizz, juggling way too many balls, that I end up chasing my tail and essentially getting nowhere!

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Hippy Mama said...

I went to blackpool when I was about 19 with my friend on a whim!!! We actually really enjoyed it!!!