Sunday, 22 November 2009

Electricity, lingering lurgies etc

Where has this week gone to? It's passed by in a drug fuelled haze I'm afraid to say. A haze of echinacea, homeopathic remedies, antibiotics, horse pill sized vit C tablets, paracetamols - the whole damned medicine cupboard to be precise! I've had this whole chesty/sinusy/earachey/cough, throat type thing going on since September and it's driving me nuts!

I've had to cancel some plans this week which is a shame as I was looking forward to seeing friends. Hopefully those I have had to cancel on will understand, and thankfully for me a couple who live near by came to my rescue too - one spent a whole afternoon reading stories to Miles when I felt incapable of speech and another did a great science session with Hermione about light and shadows. I am blessed.

Earlier n the week we went on a home ed trip to Pizza Express. It went down a treat - like last time. I know I've said it before, but if you have a Pizza Express near you then pop along and ask for a free visit. Pass on breakfast, arrive early (they do it before the restaurant opens for lunch) and let lovely waiters wait on you and your children - pizza (children and parents), juice, cappuccino etc all for free! It's fun gong out for a free pizza breakfast with your chums. I can recommend it.

Why do satsumas just come in large boxes at this time of year? I think they taste better out of a box and at the rate Miles and I eat them they should come like this all year.


Did I tell you that Santa brought Miles a balance bike last year? It is beautiful wooden bike, a real one off. trouble is it's very heavy. We finally decided just to take the pedals off an old bike of Hermione's and he's managing much better with that. Much cheaper solution that buying yet another balance bike. They charge a fortune to leave the pedals off!


Hermione has been learning about electricity this week. We have looked at the basic process in power stations, renewable and non renewable fuels, possible green fuels of the future, circuits, electric safety and more. Here she is receiving a lesson from Craig in how to wire a plug.

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Goodness, it won't be long till December. Does anyone have any advent plans or ideas? I was contemplating making an advent spiral like this one but haven't got round to it.

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Hannah said...

Hope you're all feeling better now.
The advent spiral is lovely! We haven't really made any new plans for advent this year, the traditions we came up with in the last few years have turned out to be enough and it seems to be approaching rather quickly this year doesn't it?!