Sunday, 1 November 2009

Halloween fun

The party mood started early with Craig and Hermione dancing in the kitchen - it's becoming a regular thing those two swinging their stuff in there!


The toffee apples were just a partial success. My main worry was that I wouldn't get the toffee to stick on the apples. Well, it did stick on but it was rather crystalised and icky.


The boys didn't have to be asked twice to get the fire stoked up ready for friends arriving later.


A few hours later after halloween jazz, pumpkin soup, jacket potatoes,much marhmallow toasting, stories of hairy toes etc everyone dissapeared.

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In the dark and the peace I lay on a blanket next to the fire, watched the full moon and toasted my tootsies. I collapsed into bed with rosy cheeks and smoky hair. Bliss.


Anonymous said...

awww bliss indeed!!

Lynn said...

I have never had any luck with toffee apples! Your day sounds fabxx