Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Red Kite

I'm certainly no twitcher but have to say I was delighted when we spotted not just one, but a few Red Kites today. It was difficult to appreciate their phenomenal 5 foot or so wingspan as they were flying at such heights - but still most definitely a sight to behold!

It was interesting to learn that despite their great size they just eat worms, grubs and dead things. They rarely go in for the kill with anything much bigger than extremely small mice and the likes. Apparently despite their large wing span they have very little body strength and could not carry off a smaller bird or the likes you would expect from other birds of prey.

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Elizabeth said...

We see Kites all the time! On the way to music lessons we can see up to 3 pairs enroute. We had one fly about 6 feet above our heads in the spring--to say we were in awe would be an understatement.