Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Another grumble about health care professional

Unfortunately I found myself at an emergency clinic with Miles today *sigh*. Sitting there in hospital, ever so anxious and concerned, the doctor decided it was appropriate, *before* having checked Miles over, to enquire as to why I don't have my children vaccinated. Ahem, but I'm not here in hospital with a special emergency service appointment because I wish to discuss the rights and wrongs of vaccinations! Back to the matter in hand please.

Now, had she asked me *after* having checked Miles over and confirming that there were no serious concerns I may have been willing to discuss. Timing is everything eh?

The upshot of it all was that he had a very thorough check up. I wonder if he may have had such a thorough check up in the circumstances had the doctor felt able to reassure herself of the wonders of vaccinations? Possibly she just felt the need to check every nook and cranny since he has such a bad (aka known as not following the trodden path) mother. Ho hum, I don't care, he got a good check over and that is what I was there for.

As we drove home Craig asked why I didn't explain about home education when the doctor asked. Oh, I wonder why? For the time being I can just say 'no' when people ask about school because he isn't official school age. Sometimes I just can't be bothered frankly to explain to people that I have a mind of my own and the ability to make informed and rational choices.

Bit of a rant I'm afraid. I'm just feeling really miffed with the whole culture of raised eye brows, curled lips and side ways glances if you dare to do something which others don't perceive to be the norm. For goodness sakes, live and let live - without assuming the absolute right to ask why!

Given the appropriate time and place I am ususally very happy to discuss and explain the thought process behind most, if not all, of my parenting decisions - but there is a time and a place.


Mam said...

Some Doctors (and others) are just totally blinkered when it comes to vaccinations. How rude though, when you're there needing urgent attention. Hope Miles is ok. And you xxx

Amanda said...

erm... yes finger pointing is very annoying. Mine have been vacinated I have friends whose children are'nt and I see it as personal choice :0)

L.O had his shots late due to illness and scatty-mother syndrome but I was told off about it!

*rolls eyes*

Amanda said...

Claire I'm having problems with my email :0(

The scan is for suspected gall stones. Not serious just painful!


Bridget said...

Hope Miles is OK now. I get fed up of answering the same questions about home-ed all the time! BORING!!