Thursday, 18 March 2010

Rocks and inventors

Miles has been climbing at at indoor climbing wall this week. He enjoyed it.

Hermione and I went to The Armstrong and Swan Show at the Discovery Museum in Newcastle. They are famous inventors from our region. Swan invented the incandescent light bulb and Armstrong invented the hydraulic crane and made significant contributions to the development and production of armaments and shipbuilding.

The show was fabulous. It featured the ghosts of Swan and Armstrong talking about what inspired them to develop their ideas and how they did it.

We obtained permission to join a large school group in watching the performance. At the end the school children were all quickly filed out of the hall which gave us an opportunity to speak with the actors. They were very friendly and quite interested in the 'non schoolers'. I had not heard us referred to as non schoolers before and it made me laugh.

Here is Hermione with the ghost of Swan, checking out his light bulbs.

Here is Hermione with the ghost of Armstrong, doing an experiment relating to the power of water wheels.

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Mam said...

Looks great fun!

funny how the 'non schooled' child got the most 'education' - unless you count learning to file in and out as worthwhile of course ;-)