Monday, 15 March 2010

How does your garden grow?

With silver bells and cockle shells? Hmmm, if it only it were that simple!

Spring has certainly arrived - even the snowmen and snowflakes have disappeared from the playroom window and been replaced with something more seasonal.

It's the time when seed catalogues start landing in the mail box and my thoughts turn to the year ahead in the garden. In fact, I've already made a start. The broad beans and rainbow chard are shooting on up in the greenhouse. I've also planted a few pea seeds this week which are still in the dining room right now.

I think I need to be mindful and plan carefully this year though. Last year I had a hard time digging. The veg patch became a bit of a chore as opposed to my usual escape. Xrays which I had at the turn of the year revealed a couple of degenerating discs in my spine. I've been reading here and there about 'no dig' veg growing. I'm not convinced. I think for a start I will have to make sure I get set paths sorted so as not to compact soil needlessly - thereby reducing some of the digging at least.

Another thing to think about is our new addition Bobbity, the wild rabbit who arrived during the heavy snowfalls and appears to have made our garden his home. While our own free ranging bunny respects our veg boundaries I can't see this little fellow doing that. I fear he may see the results of my labour as fair game. Not sure what I can do about this but need to figure out something. I don't have the budget or energy to wire it all off with chicken mesh dug down deep as well as covering on top.


Anonymous said...

rofl @ your new header pic!!!

Anonymous said...

mine is growing in pots this year - I have'nt got time for plots.


Mam said...

Pringles respects your boundaries? Wow! What was your secret? Our rabbit was wild when he was young, still has no respect now just less energy :-))

Claire said...

I think it's something to do with him thinking he's a hen not a rabbit. We put up a fence and he tried (unsuccesfully) to jump/fly over it but has never thought of trying to dig under it. He just doesn't bother at all now. I hope he doesn't learn how to dig and behave like a 'real' rabbit from Bobbity!