Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Fireside antics and other burning concerns

Yes, so spring has sprung and we were starting to enjoy it but I then ended up spending much of the weekend cleaning up vomit after Miles was either a) ill with a sicky virus or b) suffering the after effects of Craig having allowed him to have an obscene amount of concentrated apple juice undiluted *sigh*. Once again we end up cancelling arrangements and cosy by the fire to wait for it all to pass...which I think it is doing.

I have been wanting to introduce Hermione to a number of classics for a while but lots of the ones I favour are a bit long and wordy. I've looked at many abridged series and haven't been impressed. I've now discovered Usborne Classics Retold and have to say I'm impressed. She's half way through Wuthering Heights and I can't wait to start discussing it with her - it's one of my all time favourite books!

Nana has been making lots of cakes again -you know, the low cal ones.

Miles, being wiped out by his predicament, has spent an inordinate amount of time lying on the sofa, watching the branches blow whilst listening to Stephen Fry read Roald Dahl's Enormous Crocodile story. Should anyone wish to hear it, not read by Stephen Fry, then I'm your gal! I must know it word for word by now!

Our Easter tree is now up. It sort of lurches menacingly towards Nana's door, waiting for her each time she comes out. I'm surprised I've not had any comments about eyes being poked out yet!

I've a lovely piece of material waiting to be made up into padded wall hangings for Easter. I really want to do them before this weekend as we have a couple of friends visiting. Each season I try to add to our collection of decorations but have to say there is a whole load of cheap plastic tosh out there! I was delighted when I found a metre of beautiful bunny fabric for £3. Only trouble is I need to find the time to transform it!

Felt flower faeries and woodland creatures made from fallen branches of the monkey tree.

I apologise if anyone considers what follows to be too much information - you have been warned and may wish to stop reading now.

With the anniversary of Jade's death the uptake of cervical smears has been in the news again. Apparently the take up, particularly among younger women was high following her death but has dropped dramatically again. People think this may be because people have forgotten or they can't be bothered. Well, no, perhaps the reason is that they went to my local surgery. I went along to do the necessary a couple of weeks ago and could not believe the conversation I had.

Nurse - Just before you take off your pants, I have to tell you pet, at your age (late thirties), should the labs find anything a miss you will have to go straight to hospital for treatment - no second chances here.

Me - Oh, why is that?

Nurse - Because when you get older they don't like to mess about.

Me - I recall accompanying a friend for laser treatment years ago. It was very unpleasant. The noise and smell was atrocious. She found it very painful too. Have things moved on since then?

Nurse - No they haven't. It's bound to make smell and noise because they are burning the bad bits off.

Me - I really don't like the sound of that and find it hard to believe nothing can be done to make the process more tolerable.

Nurse - Well let's hope we don't find anything then!

Goodness, I wonder how many people a week go there to see her but end up declining to drop their pants and run out instead?


Amanda said...

wurhtering heights is one of my favourites too :0)

I love the Easter tree... it would'nt last here!!

Nanas cakes look fantastic :0)

and er... um... I do think some medical professionals have special training ;0)

Claire said...

Yes, I think they do have some sort of special training facility - to remove any sort of bedside manner they may have been born with :-)

Seriously, I know some lovely health care professionals but I do think that some just don't appreciate the level of stress and anxiety patients may be feeling in given situations - be it that they are about to bare their all or have conerns about their child, etc *sigh*.

Mam said...

I think that for some of them the sense of 'power' goes to their heads tbh. 'I know more than you, I'm the expert'. Especially if it's the only time in their lives they've ever commanded any respect. hugs to Miles by the way ((()))

Hannah said...

Ooh, I love your Easter tree!
Your nurse sounds a cheery sort - excellent bedside manner!